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About Recordings

This was once in the password protected area of our Westchurch web site. If you prefer to any of these items taken out of this public space please tell Steve Rosie 3225678 ASAP.

It is virtually a filing cabinet of folders containing files.
Each will open in a new window or tab.

Buttons to push

Folder of mp3 recordings and pdf of slides from Sunday teaching, etc. Files in the public domain. Most of our Sunday recordings and slides are in this space.

Files for Westchurch people only Files in the 'in house' domain. Speakers or others have asked that these files are not open for public consumption.

Copyright & Conditions of Use

You are welcome to look and listen to the contents of the recordings folder for your personal consumption. Enjoy.

However, if you are going to copy, forward, reuse or excerpt any of the contents then you must seek permission from the creators of that content. Send an email (see tab above) and it will be forwarded to that creator for you.

We praise our loving Creator for the creativity and insights expressed through the work of these creators.

Sunday folders

Contains files from Sunday services and a few other church gatherings.

AO rated Christian content. May contain material and views that will offend some viewers : believers or non-believers!

The mp3 audio files are lo-fi (16kbps) to keep the size down. If better quality is wanted you can get the files from the sound desk.
Some of these files may require application software you don't have.

Let Steve Rosie know if you want to convert something into a format you can use or if there's a file in this public domain you would rather not have here.